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In memory of VLord...1988-2004

1/14/05   The rumors spreading around that say VLord is back are just attacks from non-beleivers and those who are jealous about the success of this site.He is dead and this is for shure.

1/10/05   The power outages throughout Muncie don't stop the VLord crew from finding out information on the tragedy(but freakin hilarious occurance).His grandmother was found dead on friday(not from the tsunami)because of a history of the rare family disease called earwaxomaglophona.The rare condition is a little black thing that spreads to the brain like a cancer and fills the brain with disturbing images of nasty fat lesbo porn and the infected person kills themselves.

1/3/05   We heard the tragic news that the coolest asian (the only asian) at Delta died last week during the tragic but freakin hilarious tsunami/tidal wave.

12/22/04   VLord moved to his homeland of Thailand.

The last thing VLord said was...

This is what the tsunami that killed VLord might
have looked like.

VLord was found dead by a search and rescue squad from Thailand in the major tsunami that occured right before the year 2005.VLord had recently moved from Muncie Indiana the week before the tragic but freakin hilarious tsunami.Leaving thousands dead,it decided to take VLord with it.Why?Maybe because VLord talked crap about America,or maybe because he was at the wrong damn country at the wrong damn time.VLord said he was going to go fight in a war and that he would be proud to die for his country,but,haha the tsunami got him!!!

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